Soda is a highly popular drink in the United States which can actually be addictive due to the high sugar content. As tasty as this drink What Soda Can Do To Your Smilemay be, it’s one of the worst substances for your smile. Patients come into New City Family Dental in New City, NY with a variety of tooth problems that are caused by drinking acidic beverages like soda and poor at-home dental care. Find out more about soda and how it can impact your teeth.

Enamel Erosion
Soda is so harsh that it has been used to clean car batteries. If it’s that strong, imagine what it can do to your tooth enamel over time. Over-consumption of soda can cause the enamel to erode, causing it to weaken, develop a rough surface and appear translucent. Your dentist can spot enamel erosion in its early stages during an examination, but if you allow it to progress it may become easily visible whenever you smile.

Cavities and Tooth Infections
Drinking sugar-filled soda on a regular basis can lead to cavities — especially if you don’t prioritize daily brushing, rinsing, flossing and visits to your New City dentist. Bad bacteria feed on the sugar from the soda, creating a film that attacks the teeth. Soda is also very acidic (including sugar-free brands), contributing to decay. If a cavity worsens it can lead to a painful tooth infection, which requires root canal therapy.

Yellowed Teeth
If you want your smile to be as white as possible, don’t drink too much soda—none if possible. That’s because soda can cause your teeth to yellow over time. The buildup of bacteria-filled film that develops over the surface of your teeth, which is caused by regular soda drinking, can change their color.

Get Help with a Smile Damaged by Soda Drinking
If your teeth have been damaged by drinking soda, there are solutions available at New City Family Dental in New York, NY, including professional whitening treatments and cavity fillings. Call the office at (845) 263-3769 today to schedule a visit with a caring and qualified dentist.