Dental ImplantsOne of the most in-demand dental treatments patients ask about is dental implantation. It’s a way to permanently replace missing teeth. You may be curious about what the implants are made of—keep reading to learn more about dental implants and how you can get them installed at New City Family Dental.

About Dental Implantation
Serious research into the process of modern tooth implantation began in the early 20th century. A Swedish doctor named Per-Ingvar Brånemark did experiments with placing foreign objects into bone tissue and found that they soon became “a part” of the bone. This discovery later led to dental surgeons placing implants into the jaw to take the place of missing teeth.

What is the Implant Made Of?
The implants of today are commonly made of a titanium material that looks a lot like the bottom half of a screw. This design helps to ensure that the appliance stays firmly rooted. The top part of the implant is called an “abutment”—that is where a dental crown made of porcelain, ceramic or metal is attached. When the entire procedure is complete, no one but your New City dentist will know you have dental implants (at least not unless you tell them!).

How Are the Implants Installed?
Your dentist will administer dental sedation in advance of the procedure. The implant is then carefully placed into the right position in the jawline. The dentist takes special care to evaluate the bone tissue on x-rays to determine exactly where the implant should go for fastest healing. It can take anywhere from two to six months for what is called osseointegration (tissue accepting the implant) to happen.

Scheduling Your Implants Consultation
Missing teeth can affect everything from the way that you eat your food to the shape of your jawline. If you want a permanent option for replacing them, call New City Family Dental today at (845) 263-3769 to talk with Dr. Marlen Martirossian about getting dental implants. You can count on a relaxing and stress-free experience with Dr. Martirossian, who has been voted a NJ Top Dentist for three consecutive years.