Improving your smile may be easier than you realize. Cosmetic dentistry treatments not only restore teeth damaged by tooth decay but Cosmetic Dentistryalso repair defects and whiten teeth. Dr. Marlen Martirossian, Dr. Raymond Selvaggi and Dr. Marissa Sala, your New City, NY dentists at New City Family Dental, share information on several cosmetic treatments.

Tooth-colored fillings

There’s no need to reveal your dental history every time you smile. white fillings, made of composite resin, are tinted to match common tooth shades and are practically invisible.

Composite bonding

Composite resin is also used to repair damaged teeth and correct flaws, such as chips and gaps. Bonding a good choice if you have a discolored tooth, one tooth is a little too short or oddly shaped or you want to change the shape of a tooth.

Teeth whitening

The foods and beverages you consume can stain your teeth. Luckily, teeth whitening provides a simple way to restore your sparkling smile. Unlike over-the-counter whitening kits that require multiple treatments, you’ll only need a single one-hour treatment at New City Family Dental to experience an average three to eight-shade improvement.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns strengthen fragile and damaged teeth and also conceal imperfections, such as short, chipped, oddly shaped or discolored teeth. The restorations slip over teeth and are made of materials that look very much like natural tooth enamel, such as porcelain, ceramic or resin. Bridges replace missing teeth and are made of one or more artificial teeth, called pontics, supported by two crowns.

Dental implants

Missing teeth can also be replaced by dental implants. Implants replace the roots of your tooth, while a crown takes the place of the tooth above the gum line. The implant gradually bonds to your jawbone, providing a very stable foundation for the crown.


Veneers are a good choice if you have a few cosmetic issues that make your smile less than perfect. Chips, gaps, discolored and oddly shaped teeth disappear beneath the thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth.

Would you like to transform your smile? Call Dr. Martirossian, Dr. Selvaggi and Dr. Sala, your New City, NY dentists at New City Family Dental, at (845) 263-3769 to find out which treatments are right for you.