The Benefits of Dental Crowns

When it comes to tooth replacement, New City patients have a number of options available to them. Each option has its own advantages, but one method has stood the test of time: dental crowns. Crowns have been used to replace missing or damaged teeth since 2400 B.C., when the Etruscans inserted small bits of human bone into the gaps between their teeth. Though the practice looks very different than it did in ancient Tuscany, crown restoration continues to be a popular procedure today, and it is far more effective. Cosmetic dentists Drs. Marlen Martirossian, Raymond Selvaggi, and Marissa Sala have seen many cases of damaged teeth over the years, and they’ve also seen dental crowns make a big difference in the lives of New City residents. 

Who Needs Dental Crowns?

Crowns strengthen damaged teeth and allow them to function normally again. To restore a single tooth, we will cover or “cap” the damaged tooth with a replacement crown using glue that hardens under a special light source. Crowns are shaped to fit perfectly with the rest of your teeth and come in many different materials: porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, gold, and acrylic are in wide use today.

We may recommend a dental crown if:

  • Your teeth are too small to support a large filling
  • You have a cracked tooth
  • You have a weak tooth at risk for fracturing
  • You have a discolored or misshapen tooth
  • You have a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment

Why You Should Consider Dental Crowns

Crowns offer many benefits to patients in need of tooth replacement. Most crown materials can be sculpted to closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel. Porcelain and ceramic crowns are excellent choices when recreating the form and function of a damaged tooth—a crown essentially replaces the entire exterior of the tooth down to the gum. These materials have become quite popular among cosmetic dentists, as they can be tinted to match existing healthy teeth. If durability is your priority, gold cast crowns are the way to go.

The Restoration Process

First, you’ll want to talk to us about crown replacement. Our staff in New City is happy to provide you with a consultation and go over some of your options with you. When you come in for a crown restoration procedure, here’s what will happen:
  1. We will first need to prepare your damaged tooth to ensure your crown or bridge will fit properly. This may mean reducing the size of your damaged tooth.
  2. We’ll take an impression of your teeth with special putty in order to make an exact mold for your crown.
  3. We’ll provide you with a temporary crown to wear until your next visit.
  4. We will remove your temporary crown at the next visit and replace it with a permanent one.
  5. We’ll send you home! You will want to come back for routine checkups, but once the crown is fixed to your tooth, you will be able to continue with your normal daily routines.
Replacement crowns are built to last, and the best way to ensure they will do so is to practice good oral hygiene.