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Do you have a substantial amount of tooth pain? Does it interfere with your daily life? If so, a visit to a New City, NY dentist at New City Family Dental for a root canal may provide just the relief you need–if your pain is caused by an infected tooth root.

How Can Root Canal Therapy Relieve My Tooth Pain?

A small amount of tooth decay is quite common, even among people who regularly brush, floss and rinse. If this decay is allowed to spread unchecked, however, it can spread into the tooth and down to the tooth root, where it can cause multiple complications, including pain.

If your tooth pain is caused by an infection in your tooth root, a root canal will be necessary to remove the inflamed and infected tissue, restore oral health and reverse your pain. Not all infected tooth roots are painful, and not all pain is caused by an infected tooth root, but if this is the cause of your tooth pain, visiting your New City, NY dentists for a root canal will help.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Despite the common misconceptions surrounding them, root canals should not be painful as you will be given a local anesthetic. You may experience a little sensitivity to hot and cold after the procedure is done, but otherwise, a root canal should not be any more painful than having a filling placed.

What Other Conditions Can Cause Tooth Pain?

Of course, if an infected tooth isn’t the cause of your dental pain, a root canal won’t help. Other causes of tooth pain include cavities, chips, cracks, an abscessed tooth, an erupting wisdom tooth, gum disease and temporomandibular joint disorder.

Whether your tooth pain is caused by an infected tooth or something else entirely, visiting your dentists at New City Family Dental in New City, NY can provide just the relief you need. Don’t try to suffer through the pain, hoping it gets better on its own.


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