Dental crowns can strengthen your damaged teeth

If your teeth are damaged or broken, you may be afraid to smile and even more afraid to eat. Thanks to modern dental techniques, your teeth can be strengthened with a new, beautiful dental crown. Talk with a professional like one of the experts at New City Family Dental Dental Crownsin New City, New York. They will help you discover the world of dental crowns and how they can work to strengthen damaged teeth.

With large metal fillings, your tooth may actually be weaker, and if you bite on something “just right” part of your tooth can break and shear off, along with the filling. Dental crowns cover the entire surface of your tooth in a very strong, protective casing. Your tooth will be stronger than before, and much more resistant to fracture.

If a tooth is badly damaged, your dentist at New City Family Dental may need to place metal posts in your tooth and place amalgam (silver alloy filling material) around the posts. This treatment is called a “build-up” and will function to support your beautiful new crown.

At New City Family Dental, you can choose from several different materials for your crown, depending on your budget and the location in your mouth.

  • Full gold crowns are very strong and are usually reserved for your back teeth where you need chewing strength.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are both strong and beautiful and are suitable for any location in your mouth.
  • Full porcelain crowns are the most beautiful and most natural looking crown, because of their translucent quality. They are an excellent choice for your front teeth because of their cosmetic beauty.

So if you have damaged, broken and painful teeth, or you just want a better smile it’s time to consider dental crowns, the modern way to strengthen your teeth. Come in and visit the best, your dentists at New City Family Dental in New City, New York. Discover what a beautiful new dental crown can do for you and your smile!