Root Canal; Dispelling Myths

You visit the dentist for your endodontic treatment; as soon as you enter the room, the panic sets in.

According to a survey conducted by the American Association of Endodontists, 67% of people in the U.S. fear the pain more than the root canal itself. The myths associated with endodontic treatment have clouded the line between fact and fiction.

Busting Myths

1. Root Canal Is a Painful Procedure

An era ago, this may have been true. The fear heightens your senses, causing you to feel pain. Nonetheless, with current technology and anesthetics, root canals are virtually painless. Endodontic therapy is aimed at eliminating the source of the pain that occurs due to a broken tooth, infected pulp, or a dying nerve.

During the procedure, your dentist will use a numbing gel before giving you a shot of anesthesia. Once that sets in, you may feel mild pressure—generally, no pain.

2. My Teeth Don’t Hurt So I Don’t Need Root Canal

Another groundless myth suggests that you need root canal only when your teeth hurt. Dead teeth also require root canal therapy to prevent the spreading of infection.

3. The Effects Wear Off

Another misconception suggests that the effects of root canal wear off after a certain time. This was based on the response that many patients complained about broken teeth even after a root canal.

After the removal of nerve from a tooth, the blood supply is terminated. The tooth usually falls off if a crown is not placed on it, or if the filling is not enough to withstand the force applied when eating and chewing.

4. Root Canal Makes You Ill

4.Root Canal makes you illThere is a myth that suggests that root canal therapy results in heart disease, arthritis, or kidney disease. People still believe that they are likely to catch a disease if they undergo endodontic treatment. There is no scientific evidence or survey report to support this claim.

You may be at a risk of contracting an infection during the procedure, which is exactly why your dentist may prescribe antibiotics before or after the treatment. The risk of infections is minimal.

5. You Need Several Appointments

People perceive root canal therapy to be a tedious procedure, which requires months of treatment. This is again not true. Your appointments depend on the extent of your infection, and the complexity of the treatment.

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