Gum health is one of the many concerns that a dentist will bring up during an appointment, and for a good reason. The overall health of your gums can affect the health of your teeth, the condition of your skin, and so much more. For that reason, flossing is something that many dentists remind their patients to do.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the dental care steps that goes forgotten or overlooked. From the time that it takes to the challenges that come with flossing when you have a permanent retainer, water flossing is one of the new and improved methods that yield the same results without the difficulties and time consumption that flossing takes.

This piece of equipment is newer, which leaves people curious as to why they should invest in this type of dental care for their home. Well, the team at New City Family Dental has a few reasons to do so.

Great for Implants

If you have implants, then you know how sensitive your teeth can get when it comes to, well, all sorts of things. From the force used to floss to the temperatures of water, the one thing that you want to find in your dental care is something that takes sensitivity into consideration.

The water flossing tool is excellent for implants because it is sensitive and thorough. That means that you can take good care of your implants without having to worry about them causing you pain or damage.

Aside from comfort, one thing that you will always have to prioritize with implants is how well they are maintained. That means ensuring that there isn’t an excess of plaque building up around the teeth and that the gums are healthy. Using a water flosser is a great way to prioritize these two items and the overall well being of your dental implants.

Get Into Tough Places

Even if you do floss on a regular basis, there are parts of your mouth that are hard to get to and lead to a buildup of plaque, cavities, and infections. A struggle that a lot of people deal with is getting around their permanent retainers that are placed after braces are removed. The design of these retainers is one that takes away the ability to get floss directly to the gums and requires you to use a thin piece of plastic that is designed like a needle.

Though this tactic makes it more possible for individuals to get down to their gums, it is so much more time consuming, and it doesn’t always yield the same quality of results. For that reason, we often suggest that people with permanent retainers try water flossing so that they are able to see the results that flossing yields.

Removes Plaque

The leading cause of gum disease and cavities is a buildup of plaque and neglect to the area surrounding the gums. This is precisely why it’s so important that you spend the time necessary to floss and get down to the gums where this buildup can cause damage. The best way to do this is to floss regularly, but with how few people actually floss on a routine basis, it’s not uncommon for us to see a buildup of plaque in the mouth.

If you’re tired of hearing from your dentist that you should be flossing more, then it’s time that you try a water flosser. You will not only be able to see the difference, but you’ll undoubtedly be able to feel it! This is a proven method for removing and reducing the amount of buildup that you see on your teeth.

Water Flossing is Great

Aside from the items that we’ve listed above, water flossing is excellent for various other reasons. It’s easy to use, extremely thorough when cleaning and it offers proven results. So what are you waiting for? Ask your dentist or dental assistant what they suggest in terms of water flosser brands and designs.

For all the dental services and guidance that you need, reach out to New City Family Dental located in New City, New York. We will always prioritize your well being and lead you to a happier smile. If you’re interested in additional topics surrounding dental care, make sure to browse our blog space.