An infected or broken tooth can be a painful dilemma, but with these simple dental procedures, you can have it restored to its former glory in no time!

Dental Crowns

Have a badly chipped tooth that’s taking meals a difficult task for you? A dental crown can help you restore it! One of the most common forms of dental restorative treatments, a crown covers and protects the affected tooth while improving its appearance simultaneously.

A crown is basically a tooth-colored porcelain cap created individually for each patient to match the natural tooth structure perfectly. By acting as a covering for the chipped or broken tooth, it also prevents the tooth from falling out or getting further damaged. It also makes eating food painless again by withstanding the pressure of chewing that the damaged tooth could not.

After the tooth’s structure has been examined, the customized dental crown is created to fit perfectly over the cavity. A temporary crown may be provided initially while the process for creating the permanent (customized) crown begins. Once it is ready, the permanent crown is installed over the damaged tooth, making it appear good as new.

Root Canal

Root CanalIf your tooth starts aching all of a sudden, so much so you cannot function because of the pain, it’s most likely infected or abscessed. Don’t waste time in thinking it will go away on its own! Chances are, you need to get a root canal, and you need to get it right now!

Although a lot of people fear this procedure to be a painful one, it actually helps reduce pain. Modern day techniques cause minimal discomfort, if at all, and patients experience significantly less pain than they did before the procedure.

The pulp of the tooth that has become infected is removed. It’s then refilled with a substance that matches the strength and other properties of the removed tooth pulp, and topped with a crown. Not only does this prevent future infections, it also is a long-lasting method. Don’t let its reputation scare you!

Dental Implant

In cases where the crack extends below the gum line, that tooth is no longer treatable and requires an extraction.  However, once the affected tooth has been pulled out, a dental implant can be installed to replace it.

Dental implants both look and function like natural teeth, and are a good way to make up for the missing teeth. Placed securely in the jawbone, they anchor the teeth they replace, becoming the new roots for the affected teeth. This allows for a lasting fit.

The procedure is quite simple. Biocompatible screws are surgically inserted into the jawbone and are left alone for a few weeks to let the bone fuse with them. After about 14 weeks, an impression of the teeth is taken to create a dental crown, which is then placed on the top of the implant. Once this has been done, the person has natural looking restored teeth that will last a lifetime.

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